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A blog. Why? Because we Love (our) Craft

Hi, I'm Retro Stu, you may remember me from such streams as....

Never mind all that! Let's get down to it. I'm incredibly lucky as a content creator to find myself part of such a creative, loving and supportive community and after the chances afforded to me by my friend Will back when I wrote for his blog "The Unheard Nerd" I wanted to create this blog to give anyone from the Stu-nited Nations / Twitch Cult Community the space to write, be creative and have an additional platform to put their work out there.

Whether it's game reviews, thoughts on a pre-release, a nostalgic throwback movie review, breaking down a classic album from their past or anything else, you'll be able to find it here.

As streamers it's safe to say content creation isn't the issue for us, but if you're wondering "what

do I call this collection of news, reviews and opinion pieces from a a bunch of gamers, streamers and nerds? - well that's easy... The Retronomicon.

Stay tuned for updates and posts as we start to roll out in the coming weeks!

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