NES Flanders Console with Super Mario Bros 3

NES Flanders Console with Super Mario Bros 3

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Was originally given the basic Nintendo Console as a spares machine, it was beaten up, scratched, yellow, dented and not even powering on. 


Through spare parts I had I managed to get it working and did my best to try and give this a new lease of life. This project was originally intended for a charity auction which got cancelled.


This is hand painted and yes it's a bit silly but the Simpsons joke of "Super Nintendo Chalmers" got a group of us thinking "NES Flanders" could be a good laugh so the console was born. 


It is tested and working  but doesn't come with power supply (it is a PAL European console so you'll need a transformer to use it abroad) or controller but I am throwing in a copy of Super Mario Bros 3 with it.