Looking for inspiration? Or just want to have a nose at some of our previous and current projects? Either way here's where you can find our creations! If you want something made bespoke for you, go to the contact us page and let's talk! 

Rock around the clock
A nice way to re-purpose records that might not be good enough to play or be in a collection but look good on a wall!
Custom Consoles
Fully functioning and ready for fun! We take consoles that, aesthetically, may be a bit beat up and we clean 'em up and give 'em a new lick of paint to give you a unique gaming experience! They'll be the envy of the rest of your games shelf!
Action Lamps, Now!
Who says toys are for kids? We've taken the broken, the well-played with and the downright odd toys and turned them into lamp stands!
I Don't Know Art...
Here you'll find a selection of old original advertising pieces from various comics and magazines presented in the best way to show it off!
Bookshelf Buddies
Does your book or games collection need some protection? Grab a look at our custom bookshelf buddies!
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