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Retrollectables and Printful - we create it, they make it.

As you know - space in the time machine is at a premium, I can't have stock piled up just in case someone wants a mug or t-shirt.

This is where Printful come in. All the designs you see in the shop are fulfilled by them. There are no piles of stock with them though - each item is made to order; meaning when you want that Fraggle Rock meets Jurassic Park mug over there, it's made just for you.


The products you see on the site will be fulfilled in either the USA or in Europe so it may be that items from the same order are sent in two batches but you'll be kept informed along the way. Because of this split fulfilment it does mean shipping costs can seem high but the table below shows how shipping is calculated.

our products

Shipping To
Laptop Sleeves

A word on Shipping

The shipping costs have been made as fair as possible so you will only ever pay the shipping cost of one item per category. 

This means that if you buy 3 t-shirts, you'll only pay shipping for 1 - so £3 total - and Retrollectables cover the cost of the additional 2 items with Printful.

If you buy a mug and 3 t-shirts for example then you'll pay more because the items are shipped separately.

This means  you'll pay £3 for the shirts still but also pay £4.25 for the mug, meaning £7.25 in total.

All of this will be calculated for you at checkout so no need to worry - it's just here to explain the costs in a bit more detail. 

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