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Michaelangelo TMNT Nintendo GameCube

Michaelangelo TMNT Nintendo GameCube

Heroes in a half shell, TURTLE POWER.

This gamecube came to me scratched up, discoloured and with chips in the casing, a prime candidate for a trash can; no chance! Whilst I don't fill all the chips (yet to find a method I'm completely happy with) these look so much nicer and cleaner now and I think it's a great reminder that even those with the odd chip or scratch can still be an amazing addition to your collection.

It's been stripped down, cleaned, primed, painted and had LEDs installed in the control ports to represent each of the turtle gang!

The jewel in the top is a foot stinks sign! 

This cube has NOT been region modded so is in its original PAL state.

Comes with original power supply (not pictured).

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